J.H. Rose

«Into this world where hatred runs wild, allow me to cast my many songs of love…»


Will you promise me that we'll meet again? When you're reborn, will you try to find me?

The noblewoman Suzette always dreamed of starting her own bakery, in spite of her social status. After years of enduring abuse in a loveless marriage, she at last calls upon the help of her best friend, the mysterious wanderer Hikaru, to help her find a better life. Together the two embark on a journey across the continent of Soléiâ to Hikaru’s long abandoned house, full of valuable paintings that may fund her dream.

Along the way, Hikaru and Suzette struggle against an intolerant society, mischievous fairies, a jealous goddess—and most of all their nightly dreams, memories of a past where they were in love once before, a beautiful life severed much too soon. As they come to accept their love in the present, however, a question looms over their heads...can they ever truly recreate the idyllic life of their dreams? Or will it end in tragedy every time?

This is book one of Beloved, an American shoujo webnovel series following the lives of a few interconnected souls, their fates interwoven into a centuries long tale spanning beyond the fall of civilization.

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“All I want to do is make you happy…all I want to do is see your wonderful smile again. I miss it so much.”


Gently I turn him around to face myself, and now his face becomes perhaps even more red than his eye.

“I…I don’t know what the future will be like,” I say, “But…”

I come close to his face, so close our breaths intermingle, becoming a single, warm cloud in the cold night, and I whisper in his ear—

“Would this make you happy, Hikaru?”

For a moment, he merely stares at me, expressionless. His breathing stops entirely.

No, have I made a—

But before the thought can even finish he pulls me down in an embrace, in a tight, warm, clumsy kiss.

My body becomes entirely paralyzed, only the sensation of chills run through me.

As abruptly as he started he pulls away, a look of panic overwhelming his face. I…merely stare.

I’ve kissed Ines innumerable times, but it was…nothing like that. Not ever. Not even my first kiss.

Is…that what they’re truly supposed to feel like? Or maybe it’s better?

“Pšyku! I know that’s probably not what you meant—!” he quickly turns away.

“It is,” I say, grabbing his arm, “You don’t have to second guess yourself so much…you’re right more often than you think.”

Now he doesn’t say anything, but turns back around and merely buries his face in my chest, and grips me tight. I softly return the gesture.

“I think…lêm sâ tsiâ né, Hikaru. I love you so much.”

“Truly?” he mumbles within my chest, “Or…am I just going to wake up from this as always?”

“Well…if you do, then so will I. And perhaps we can continue this then.”


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This is a list of my interests that you might see me discuss on social media; of course, this isn't an exhaustive list. Just things I'm somewhat more likely to talk about.

✧ General Interests ✧

  • Storytelling

  • History

  • Vintage shoujo art and culture

  • Doll collecting

  • Lolita fashion + similar alt fashion

✧ Fandoms ✧

  • Sound Horizon

  • NieR Gestalticant + Automata

  • The House in Fata Morgana

  • Elden Ring

  • Vocaloid

  • Mili

  • The Rose of Versailles

  • The Heart of Thomas

  • Mo Dao Zu Shi

  • Gravity Falls


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Terms of Service

✧ Content ✧

  • Original characters

  • Fanart

  • Humanoid characters

  • Anthropomorphic characters

  • Diverse age ranges + body types

  • Upper nudity

  • Mild gore

  • Sexual content (including fetish art)

  • Heavy gore

  • Objectionable content (including but not limited to: pedophilia, incest, bestiality, etc)

  • Animals (unless accompanied by humanoid character[s])

  • More than 2 characters

  • Complex designs, props, and/or backgrounds (may cost extra depending on complexity requested)

  • Character/Outfit designs

Please note that I reserve the right to refuse a commission for any reason.

✧ Process ✧

  • For original characters, please have multiple references ready. A mixture of visual and written references are preferred. I can work from written description alone, but an extra fee may be added for character design.

  • I will send an invoice through Paypal, and begin once paid in full.

  • I will send sketches, during which revisions or a refund may be requested. I will not accept refunds after the sketching stage.

  • Revisions may be requested later, but depending on their nature they may cost extra.

  • My current estimated finish time for commissions is anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks, but could be more depending on the size of the commission and personal circumstances. I will give periodic updates as I make progress, and you may request to see the progress on your commission at any time.

  • If for some reason I am unable to finish a commission, I retain the right to cancel the commission on the condition that the commissioner is refunded in full.

  • Disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated, and such behavior may void a commission. In this event, I reserve the right to partially refund the commissioner based on the progress of the commission, and to refuse service to the commissioner in the future.

✧ Usage ✧

  • Commissions may be used for most personal purposes. Any commercial usage for commissions must be discussed beforehand.

  • I, the artist, retain the rights to the commission. You cannot claim ownership or creation of the commission.

  • For character/outfit designs, usage rights will be discussed on a case by case basis.

  • You cannot copy, trace, or heavily reference the commission.

  • Commissions cannot be used in conjunction with any blockchain technologies, including NFTs and any future inventions in the field.